Junghans max bill Kitchen Clock Classic Bauhaus 362/1100.00

Junghans Germany 1861
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The collaboration between Junghans and Max Bill began with the conception of the kitchen clock in 1956. Junghans has now reintroduced this classic piece in light blue ceramic.

What does the designer himself have to say about this creation? „It was very clear: the piece had to feature numerals. The hours on the minute track – and the minute markers on the timer. Why? The kitchen clock is usually the only wall clock in the household. From this, children are introduced to the concept of time, they learn how to read their first numbers and how hours and days are arranged, and this should make them as bright and cheerful as the beautiful kitchenware around them.“



Junghans quartz movement J738


Mechanical 60-minute timer


Ceramic light blue glazed, chrome-plated bezel Width: 180 mm (at widest point) Length: 252 mm Depth: 56 mm


Domed mineral crystal


white glazed