LACO The Laco Auxiliary Observeror RAD-AUX Limited Edition 143 pieces made

Laco 1925
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The Laco Auxiliary Observer, or “RAD-AUX”, was created specially for the U.S. market. Taking inspiration from the Fallout gaming series, the RAD-AUX is a partial redundancy for the ‘Pip-Boy’ wrist computer. With this watch, you can time your radiation exposure when exploring the wastelands beyond your vault. Originally issued to Vault #43, this watch has seen years of hard use, and certainly has a story to tell.

  • Mechanical (automatic) watch
  • 28,800 Alterations per hour (4Hz)
  • Swiss caliber ETA 2824.2 (25 jewels)
  • 38 Hours power reserve
  • Hacking seconds
  • Stainless steel case (42mm x 13mm)
  • 20mm lug width
  • Sapphire crystal with A/R coating
  • Limited to 143 Pieces


A Unique Artifact from an Alternate Reality

The Laco Auxiliary Observer, or “RAD-AUX”, was created to fill a void in the logic of the Fallout gaming lore. The Personal Information Processor, or Pip-Boy, serves as the primary tool for every Vault Dweller that takes to the irradiated surface world. The large wrist-worn computer also serves as you in game menu for items and health, and is a vital tool for survival. For something so critical, you’d probably hope to be issued some sort of redundancy, right? I mean… What if the Pip-Boy fails? Well, with an accurate watch and rad-meter, you can still measure/time your exposure to radiation.

As huge fans of the Fallout universe, we created our own unique item that could logically exist in that world. We also decided to develop some wasteland inspired artifacts that come packaged with the Laco RAD-AUX as well. Each watch is uniquely weathered through Laco’s proprietary aging process, and every detail gives a glimpse of the alternate reality it came from.