Orbita The GERSTNER Watch Winder Golden Oak Chest Automatic Watchwinding System

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ORBITA Corporation, the world’s leader in quality Watchwinders, has announced the debut of THE GERSTNER WATCHWINDER.  Like ORBITA winders, Gerstner Tool Chests have maintained the reputation of unmatched excellence, in terms of quality, performance, materials, and workmanship for generations.  Now, the extraordinary chests can be purchased equipped with Orbita’s critically acclaimed automatic patented watchwinding systems.  Available as a double Watchwinder, the unit will also be available with a storage drawer for additional watches.  Made in the USA.

Legend of Time is an Authorized Orbita Watch Winder Dealer.

"Watch lovers who might need winders for their collection, after all, are often the type to appreciate things like hand-craftsmanship as well as cohesive branding. The resulting Orbita Gerstner Watch Winder is in oak, boasting Gerstner’s workmanship and Orbita’s very specific expertise, with choices of double or triple winders.  Based in Dayton, Ohio, H. Gerstner & Sons began as a tool chest maker that offers some history that should speak to the tastes of many watch collectors. The company is over 100 years old, having been founded in 1906, and family-owned and -operated for four generations. Today, they produce a range of chests and cases for various purposes, now including watch winders. Orbita is also American, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, and younger – of course, as the automatic watches that watch winders are designed for didn’t become popular until more recently."- from Ablogtowatch.com, written by Zen Love