JUNGHANS MAX BILL WALL QUARTZ 22 cm 8" CLOCK 367/6048.00 Bauhaus Design

Junghans Germany 1861
$ 325.00
A guarantee of two years from the date of purchase is given on this Junghans watch. Within this period, any production defects will be corrected free of charge. Should this in our estimation not be possible, or be uneconomical, a replacement will be provided in the form of a watch of the same or, at our discretion, a similar model. Any damage caused to wristwatches by incorrect use or undue strain is not covered by the guarantee. The strap, glass and battery are likewise not covered. The same applies if the production number on the bottom of the watchcase is removed or rendered illegible. The value of any replacement is limited to the cost of the original model. No liability is accepted for any secondary or consequential damage or losses. Failure to follow the instructions for using or looking after the watch shall be deemed incorrect use. When making any guarantee claim, please take your watch together with your receipt and properly filled out guarantee card to an authorized Junghans dealer, if possible the dealer from whom you bought the watch.
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quartz movement J738


wall clock


satin-finished aluminum with diamond cut, Ø 22 cm / 8 inches


mineral crystal


matte white, polished hands