Timeless Tales: Sustainability as a principle Junghans Mega SOLAR

Posted by Junghans on 5th Dec 2023

Timeless Tales: Sustainability as a principle Junghans Mega SOLAR

Press Release

“to create objects, so that they serve people in the best, longest, and most beautiful way.” Based on this principle, Max Bill designed a series of watches for Junghans, which, even more than six decades later, has not lost the slightest of its relevance. In part because Junghans left the external design of the timepieces almost unaltered while continuously developing their features. Now, with the latest evolution of the series, the max bill MEGA Solar, Junghans is proving that the combination of functionality, durability, and beauty is more relevant today than ever.

The max bill MEGA Solar combines a puristic design with state-of-the-art timekeeping technology and draws its energy from the sun as inexhaustible source. Hidden beneath the translucent dial, a curved solar cell powers the precise and highly efficient multi-frequency radio-controlled movement of the watch. Developed and manufactured in Schramberg, the app-connected technology with automatic adjustment for daylight saving time, a perpetual calendar, and easy time-zone setting via the crown or synchronisation with a smartphone ensures limitless timekeeping convenience. Thanks to intelligent resource management, the max bill MEGA Solar also has a power reserve of up to three years in the dark.

“the good form”

The innovative features seamlessly blend in with a design that remains modern at all times.

Or to put it in the words of Max Bill: A watch design “[…] as far removed as possible from any fashion. as timeless as can be conceived without forgetting the time.” The dial design of the three-hand watch follows clear logic and not only features the typography specially designed by Max Bill, but also illustrates his keen eye for harmonious proportions.

The colour combination of a fine sand-gold tone and delicate grey puts the hands – and thus time itself – elegantly in focus. Making a colourful statement for an environmentally friendly time, the other model comes with a stainless-steel case and a red strap made from recycled apple and vegan microfibre.

With a curved sapphire crystal and water resistance of up to 5 bar, the max bill MEGA Solar – true to the Bauhaus creed – offers high everyday usability and exceptional durability. Printed on the inside of the glass case back, a sun motif highlights the solar-powered concept of the watch and attests to its all-round sustainability.

An object that serves best, longest, and most beautifully: The max bill MEGA Solar is designed sustainably – as a matter of principle.