Junghans 59/4200.00 Meister fein Chronoscope MEGA Solar Watch

Junghans Germany 1861
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The Meister Fein Chronoscope MEGA Solar is a watch that carries the core competencies of Uhrenfabrik Junghans into a new era. The innovative design of the Meister Fein features a spherical sapphire crystal and a distinctly flat case and incorporates directional watch technology. The domed, light-transparent dial displays a symmetrical design created by a wide variety of indications. The movement of the watch is driven by a specially developed solar cell which is highly efficient and meticulously precise and is App-Connected radio-controlled. The energy of the sun powers this movement, making the Meister Fein Chronoscope MEGA Solar a sustainable and innovative watch.



Connected multi-frequency radio-controlled solar movement J110 with decentralised seconds display


Date, radio reception indication, battery charge status indication, stop minute and second


Polished stainless steel, Ø 39.5 mm, height 9.5 mm, 4-times screwed case back with softly darkened mineral crystal


anti-reflective sapphire crystal


Domed solar dial in white matt with fine baton hands


Water resistant up to 5 bar


Curved leather strap in black with stainless steel buckle